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Plastic mould steel

Product introduction:

ASSRCL Cold Work Dies There are many different processes in the manufacture of metal parts at room temperature,


Years of industry experience, strong

Over 15,000 tons of high quality die steel and steel for machinery and equipment have been reserved by Yishengbai Corporation for many years.
Laboratory with metallographic, mechanical, die wear, steel Village cold and thermal fatigue tester and other instruments and equipment.
With high-tech, multi-functional heat treatment plant and steel processing plant, it is one of the most influential high-quality special die steel supply bases in South China.

Advanced technology to meet diverse needs

Yishengbai vacuum heat treatment equipped with the most advanced vacuum furnace, 100 kg to 1200 kg of vacuum furnace capacity, to meet the diversified needs of customers.
With advanced equipment and equipment, experienced engineers in the industry provide customers with technical services such as vacuum high pressure quenching, tempering, stress relief tempering, gas nitriding, cryogenic treatment and quenching and tempering treatment.

Strict management, casting high quality products

We have a rigorous quality control and upgrading system, each link can control and improve product quality.
IQC will carry out strict flaw detection and hardness testing for each batch of steel, and take samples for composition analysis, metallographic test, polishing test, toughness impact and other tests to ensure that the quality of incoming materials can meet the standards.
In the production process, operators in each process are strictly self-checked and mutual-checked. At the same time, IPQC will continuously conduct spot checks. In shipment, QC carries out strict inspection again to ensure that the product meets the customer's requirements.

YEARS OF Gold service, express delivery speed

Yishengbai's concentrate processing has a fast delivery date. Customers in the Pearl River Delta region can receive crude materials 24 hours after placing orders and within 48 hours.
Pre-sale guide customers to select materials reasonably to help customers reduce the cost of molds; sales can satisfy customers at any time to inquire about the progress of orders, and keep communication at any time; after-sales also keep track of customer usage.
Dongguan Yishengbai Heat Treatment Co., Ltd.
Dongguan Yishengbai Heat Treatment Co., Ltd.

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Provide ultra-pure mold steel, full CNC vacuum heat treatment, precision plate processing

ASSRCL Dongguan Yishengbai Heat Treatment Co., Ltd. ASSRCL smelting technology cooperates with Swedish Steel Group to provide (ultra-pure) special steel for the Asia-Pacific region.

More than 300 years of steelmaking experience. Known for the high quality steel market. ASSRCL free forging technology leader.



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